Founded in 1991, Respond is a national charity providing therapy and specialist support services to people with learning disabilities, autism or both who have experienced abuse, violence or trauma.

We are committed to bringing about positive change for our clients and their families, enabling them to lead richer and more resilient lives.

We provide a range of trauma-informed services for children, young people, adults and professionals. These include psychotherapy, advocacy, campaigning and other support services which aim to prevent abuse and equip individuals and their families to come to terms with their experiences and live more positive lives.

We also provide specialist training, supervision, reflective practice and consultancy to equip agencies and providers in developing and delivering trauma-informed services.

Mission Statement

To bring about positive change that enables people with learning disabilities, autism or both who have experienced abuse, violence or trauma to live richer, more resilient lives.


Respond’s work is guided by our core values of respect, user participation, openness and honesty.


Respect because we value all our clients as individuals in their own right and see the whole person. We treat our clients with courtesy and listen to them with care and attention.

User participation

User participation because we believe that the lived experience and opinions of our clients are core to our work.


Openness because we believe in sharing knowledge and learning and are open to new ideas and ways of working. We are open to giving and receiving feedback on any aspect of our organisation to enable us to improve our services.


Honesty because we only promise what we feel we can deliver, we take responsibility for our actions and decisions, we seek to instil confidence in our clients, customers and staff and are clear in our communications.

Rachel’s Story:

healing the hurt of sexual exploitation through therapy

Watch Rachel’s Story

Our Funders

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Respond's offices in London and the Midlands are now open and following from our learning from the pandemic, our staff have also now moved to hybrid working, continuing with some working days in the office and the remainder working from home.

Therefore we are now providing both in person and online services.  We ask that anyone with symptoms not to attend in person, but to let us know in advance so that we can offer online contact in these circumstances.

We recognise that whilst the government requirements have changed, we are still guided by recommendations in order to keep both our staff and our clients safe.