Forensic Services

We provide risk analysis/assessment, forensic psychotherapy and Circles of Support and Accountability to young people and adults who demonstrate sexually harmful behaviour and are a risk to themselves and/or others.

Who we see:

Young people and adults with learning disabilities, autism or both who are a risk to themselves and/or others because of aggressive and/or sexually harmful behaviour, including sexual assault, rape, violence, paraphilias and perversions. In our experience, many of our clients have experienced trauma in their lives.

Who can refer:

Social workers, GPs, nurses, self-referrals, family members, police, probation service, other providers.

When to refer:

If a person has been cautioned or there is suspicion of an offence; after discharge from prison or secure hospital; when there is a risk of falling between services and when someone's behaviour is not illegal but of concern.


Improved understanding of behaviour; reduction in levels of supervision; increased independence and reduced risk of reoffending. We address a person’s offending behaviour through a trauma-informed approach. We establish links with their network to raise awareness of the issues and risks involved which, in our experience, impacts on how a person can be enabled to achieve their aims.


There is a range of costs for different services.

For further information please contact Helen Gerolaki, Forensic Service Manager, at: