Our Impact

A year into our ambitious new three-year strategy we would like to celebrate our impact with you.

In 2022 the need for our services increased by a huge 63% and we supported a total of 308 clients through our specialist psychotherapeutically informed services.

As a result of traumatic experiences, the people we support have complex mental health issues, lead extremely isolated lives; ones which are potentially unsafe to themselves or others and where they may be separated from family and access to community support.

Over 55% of the adults using Respond said that sexual assault/rape was the most prevalent reason they experienced trauma.

As a result of traumatic experiences 24% of the clients we supported in 2022 also reported additional mental health issues and 19% said they had either thought about or attempted suicide.

After using Respond’s services, we are delighted to report that up to 86% of our client’s felt improvement in their wellbeing, capacity to cope, and a reduction in isolation.

We have continued to increase our national presence and improved access to services through increased online support, 88% of clients that use our survivor service chose to do this online.

We trained 358 professionals from across the statutory and voluntary sector, from frontline workers to senior leaders and 80% agreed they had developed an increased understanding of working in a trauma informed approach as a result of our training.

With a staff team of only 35 colleagues, we are extremely proud of this work and our clients, of which 94% would recommend our services to others! Our vision is simple – all people with learning disabilities and autistic people who experience trauma are empowered to thrive.

Respond Impact Report