Therapy & Specialist Support Services

Maura Hamer
Senior Therapist

Maura is a dance movement psychotherapist (ADMP UK) with further training in integrative transpersonal psychotherapy (UKCP), and a foundation diploma in integrative arts therapies. Having trained in an integrative approach, Maura’s practice draws on a range of therapeutic interventions and techniques, including psychodynamic and humanistic approaches, alongside creative and embodied methods. She has many years of experience as a therapist and project-manager for a school-based counselling service, where she provided counselling and groupwork for children, young people, and parents. She has experience working with young people and adults with autism, learning difficulties, and emotional and behavioural difficulties in school and community settings.

Prior to her therapy training she also worked as a support worker in special education schools and colleges. As Maura’s practice has developed, she has worked with several community-based projects in London, delivering therapy to survivors of sexual violence, CSA, domestic violence and enduring mental health conditions.

Maura is passionate about making therapy more accessible to those who may not easily access it, and to addressing the wider social and structural issues that contribute to mental distress. She is part of a therapy collective, in partnership with a community city farm, who work with the natural environment and local community to make therapy more accessible, community focused, and embodied. She endeavors to empower her clients by working holistically and creatively.