Transforming Care

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Transforming Care - South, East and Midlands

It was our reputation for these areas of expertise that brought us to the attention of Transforming Care commissioners and providers particularly in London, the East of England and the Midlands.

Our work in these areas normally commences with us learning as much as we can about the person in the context of their life history before we meet them, through reports and meeting with family, professionals and carers, then establishing a relationship with the individual and their support teams so we can: undertake an Independent Review; contribute to planning meetings and design bespoke packages of services for the individual and the support teams.

These packages often include training, supervision and/or reflective practice support for staff in the hospital setting, working in partnership with a carefully selected provider organisation to support them in the recruitment, training and ongoing reflective support of the bespoke team. In some situations we recommend a COSA - Circle of Support and Accountability - based service for the individual. COSAs are formed by us recruiting, developing, training and supporting a group of volunteers who assist the individual during an 18 month period, during which they will transition between services and/or relocate. Once the person has settled in their new home we can also include an assessment for one-to-one psychotherapy and if this seems appropriate this would be for a minimum of a year.

All this is with the fundamental aim of enabling the individual to be discharged and be sufficiently supported, understood and better equipped to relocate and remain closer to home and to be able to lead an ordinary life in the community.