Transforming Care


Transforming Care Partnerships were established across NHS England in 2015 to enable people with learning disabilities, subject to long-term hospital admissions, to move back into their communities in a supportive and respectful way.

Respond has developed continuing partnerships with Transforming Care commissioners and providers particularly in London, the East of England and the Midlands.


Our involvement begins with an in-depth exploration and understanding of a person’s life-story and experience, through reports and meetings with family, professionals and carers.

We then develop a relationship with the individual and their support teams, undertake an independent review and then design a bespoke care package for the individual and their network.

Care packages will include training, supervision and/or reflective practice for staff in the hospital setting, simultaneously working in partnership with a carefully selected provider and supporting their team through recruitment, training and ongoing reflective support beyond discharge.

Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) are another key element of our model. Circles are formed by recruiting, training and supporting a group of volunteers who assist the individual over an 18-month period during which time they will transition between services and/or relocate.

Consistent collaboration with mutli-disciplinary teams ensures a considered and fluid approach through clinical thinking, ongoing assessment and formulation for the best possible outcome for the person we are supporting.

Once the person has settled in their new home an assessment for one-to-one psychotherapy may be offered and, if appropriate, this would be for a minimum of a year.

We also provide continued post-discharge support across a person’s personal and professional network through training and consultancy to enable those who have managed the transition to continue developing and thriving at home.

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