Trauma Informed Training

Respond provides trauma informed training, clinical supervision, reflective practice and consultancy services specifically for professionals that work with autistic people and people with learning disabilities who have experienced trauma, and their families.

We offer trauma informed training nationally to individuals and families, health and social care professionals and voluntary sector organisations. Courses are delivered either in person or on-line via Zoom.


Respond offers the following Trauma Informed Approach training.

  • An introduction to Trauma Informed Approaches. For participants that wish to gain an increased understanding of the trauma informed approach (suitable for a range of professionals, families and wider support networks)
  • Trauma Informed Approaches for Front Line Workers. (Suitable for Key workers and support staff)
  • Trauma Informed Approaches for Managers & Senior Leaders. (Suitable for professionals that support staff working with those affected by trauma).
  • Trauma Champions training. Our award-winning course for professionals that wish to gain a more-in depth understanding and specific focus on their own practice.
  • Family Trauma training. For professionals that wish to gain an understanding of how trauma affects the families of autistic people and people with learning disabilities, particularly those admitted to inpatient settings. (suitable for a range of professionals, families and wider support networks)
  • Bespoke trauma training programmes. Developed collaboratively to design a training package that meets your particular need.

Click here to download a summary of each course.

Our current standard day rate to provide training is £1,800 for on-line sessions (additional costs will be incurred for travel for any in-person training)

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A sample of feedback:

  • The training was informative. I wish it could be given to all relevant staff.
  • "Well planned, detailed and informative... equipped better to deal with trauma.”
  • "Very useful training – informative. Lots of information but with different activities to keep focused."

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