Trauma Informed Training

We offer trauma informed training nationwide to individuals and families, health and social care professionals and voluntary sector organisations.

Four courses are available in our Trauma Informed Approach, all of which can be adapted for more specific needs:

Introduction – covering the basics to embed a trauma informed approach for professionals, families and wider support networks.

Front Line Workers – for key workers, front line workers and support staff.

Senior Leaders – to enable managers to support staff working with those affected by trauma and how this may impact teams.

Trauma Champions – for professionals to support their areas in adopting a trauma informed approach.

Click here to download a summary of each course.

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A sample of feedback:

  • The training was informative. I wish it could be given to all relevant staff.
  • "Well planned, detailed and informative... equipped better to deal with trauma.”
  • "Very useful training – informative. Lots of information but with different activities to keep focused."

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