Trauma Informed Training

Respond's Trauma Training Service

During the early part of 2014 Respond developed a 6-month training program for Senior Learning Disability Practitioners working in Health and Social Care. The program was designed in order that Community Learning Disability Teams (CLDT) would be better able to manage people presenting with behaviour that challenged services. The program was focused on enabling participants to become more aware of the impact of trauma on people with learning disabilities and how it can manifest as 'challenging behaviour'.

In partnership with the CLDT in Hertfordshire we worked with 6 senior practitioners (social workers and Community LD nurses) providing weekly training which incorporated academic reading, experiential workshops and group supervision.

Following on from this we have continued to support the group in helping them to embed their learning and their new project into the Hertfordshire Community learning disability team. The aim of this is that they are now in a position to cascade their learning from the course throughout the CLDT in order that together they can help prevent and minimize crises occurring in the community. They offer a consultative and reflective space in order that teams working with trauma issues can begin to develop care plans that are more trauma aware, therefore reducing the need for high cost, high resource crisis interventions.

We are keen to continue to deliver this training program and are looking for new ways to support CLDT's throughout the UK in the delivery of the course and the development of trauma advisory teams.

If you would like to discuss the course further please contact the Learning & Development Coordinator,