Independent Sexual Violence Advocacy (ISVA) Service

Support for people with a learning disability, autism or both who are victims of sexual abuse.

We offer advice and advocacy to victims who have reported an incident of sexual violence to the police. Advice is also available to young people and adults with a learning disability, autism or both who are thinking of reporting an incident to the police but would like to know more about the criminal justice system and what happens when a report is made.

We can talk to the police on your behalf and we offer a trauma informed approach in all the work we do. This means we can meet you to talk about what you might need, how you are coping with what has happened and the support you would like from us.

People who have been supported by this service have said:
  • It was good to know about what the police do and what will happen.
  • I really liked being able to talk to someone.
For further information:

Call: 020 7380 8257 or 07821 578 190 to speak to a member of the team.